How to Tackle your Marketing During a Global Crisis

How To Tackle Your Marketing During a Global Crisis


A lot has changed in the last week, things that were unimaginable only a few short days ago are now our new reality. Its difficult to adapt at the pace of the changes around us so I thought I’d put pen to paper (well finger tips to keyboard at least ha!) and give you some of the guiding principles I’ve used to develop marketing plans for the businesses I manage for the coming weeks. 

1.     Read the Room

Seriously. Not all crises are created equal, and the ability to market through them varies depending on your audiences
attitude and perception. There are times when it’s appropriate to market during a crisis – a product or service that truly helps people who are ‘self isolating’
is a very different animal to pushing luxury goods on the deck of the titanic.

You Gotta Know When to Hold ‘em, Know When to Fold ‘em….

2.     Maintain (Or Increase) Spend – Nope I’m not kidding!!!

The data shows that businesses that can maintain or increase their marketing spend during a time when others
are “cutting and running” can increase their market share at a lower cost per result than usual, which helps to place them on the front foot when consumers
start to emerge again.

*Important note…Continuing marketing spend does not amount to ‘permission to fly into a tone-deaf advertising frenzy’  You must acknowledge and be sensitive to what’s happening in the world –  Advertising must provide value and purpose, be that comfort, assurance, services or advice.

3.     Be as Generous as you can Afford

The human soul loves a ‘Good News’ story, and lordy we can definitely use them right now. When our collective spirits are down there is no better medicine than the milk of human kindness.

Look at how your clients needs have changed, how can you adapt to better serve and help them – Discounts. Free Shipping. Home Delivery. If you simply can’t afford to be generous with your product (small businesses often suffer most during a crisis) be generous with your time, your kindness and humanity. 
Peoples memories are long and they will remember how interactions with your business made them feel.  

4.     What’s Your Role?

Now is not the time for a fundamental shift in your business ethos or offering – unless you’re pivoting to make your services more relevant and
accessible in the current climate.

What role does your business play in the lives of your customers and how can you continue to add value when they are feeling anxious and uncertain.

5.     Stay True to your values

Keep your business values front and centre. If you’re not clear on them take this time to map them out. Nurture
your customers, demonstrate and live your business values 

This is a long game and when these clouds start to shift people will remember how your business responded.