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Trust Me, I’m A Professional

Trust Me, I'm A Professional

Want a little dose of honesty? #Nofilter

Why is it not realistic to expect your apprentice, office administrator or 16 year old neighbour, to be able cobble together brilliant, “sellable” social media content for you?

So hello, I’m Karen, of Socially TAlking.  I spend my days crafting commercially strong social media strategies to work hand in hand with brilliant (slight blush of modesty) creative content to give your business a strong, dynamic social media voice.  And you know what, I like to think I’m pretty darn good at it, getting businesses fantastic, measurable results.

But you see, I am a professional, Social media is what I’s all I do.  I’ve studied it, I have professional qualifications in marketing and social media, I’ve spent endless hours understanding how to get the best results from the different platforms.  Time testing out new apps and tools, gaining relevant work experience in brand marketing, creative media agencies and digital marketing.  Working up through the ranks so I understand the industry from the bottom up.  And that gives me the right to claim my status as a social media professional because #training , #relevantexperience, #creativeskills and #awesometrackrecord !!

On top of that I’ve gained relevant work experience in my chosen craft [digital marketing / social media], working from the ground up [i.e super junior roles, … right through to director level roles], and so do you wanna know what that allows me to go and do? Claim my place as #socialmediaprofessional

Then? There’s the hip young thing who applied for the office admin role, and got the shock of their life when a few weeks in were told/nominated to be the person in charge of the company’s social media.

Now as a social media professional this can be a little hard to swallow – Brilliant brands and businesses with eye wateringly inconsistent content, entirely lacking any kind of strategic approach. Who will then tell us “social media doesn’t really work for us” No kidding!!

Let me say it here now, and I stand, whole heartedly, by this statement – All businesses can benefit from social media.  Social media offers virtually endless opportunity for, creativity, sales conversations, collaborations, brand awareness, networking, influencer engagement, building a dedicated following and honest real time communication with customers and potential customers.  Then watching something with so much potential falling over flat.

I can only say its like substituting a much needed doctors appointment with a quick google search to self diagnose – some jobs are just best done with a professional eye!

Just like social media.

It’s a profession now.  Believe me, … I’ve spent many an hour explaining this to my well-meaning, non-tecchy husband / Mum / Aunty Mabel / and friends, who are all like, “you post pictures on Instagram, and get paid for that?”.

Well, yes, … but, errr no there’s a lot more to it

I strategise, I pick ‘kick ass’ imagery to support super strong copy, and it all has to be in line with the individual business’ values and goals.  And then sometimes I’ll convince clients to spend £100 on an facebook advertising campaign, and generate a 5k ROI, because #I’maProfessional #IAddRealValue #LoveWhatIDo


Great social media doesn’t happen by accident, it might look effortless, but just like all those glamorous Hollywood actresses who assure us ‘they have lucky genes’ they don’t.  It’s not luck, it takes hard work, consistent dedication and a touch of flair to create memorable campaigns!

I could go on, but I won’t, because #humilitycheck ha!

So, let’s make a pact, business owners? We’ll let you do you, and whatever categorised profession you’re in, … if you just let us do us? It’s years of study, plus work experience, plus a creative flair and it has this superpower to create untold new opportunities and sales for your business

So if you could just, … help us not cry into our pillows at night by telling us, “oh, my nephew is on Instagram, I think I’ll give my account to him”?

that’d be fine and dandy.

Keen to get in touch? We’re always open to chat through your social media and discuss different ways we can help.

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