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5 tips to engage with your social media followers


How do you feel when someone comments on your latest social media posts? “Little happy dance and gives self pat on the back?” Yep us to! That feeling doesn’t get old – it feels good and we want it more. But how do we get it more?

1- Ask questions:

Social Media is fun – people do not log on for a stream of adverts.  Your questions can be fun, silly, thought provoking or feedback seeking.  Questions elicit a response. If someone we know asks us a question we’d be pretty rude not to respond. On social  people will respond generally if its easy and fun to do so. And questions aren’t just for openers, if someone comments on your post try and respond with more than a “thank-you” questions keep the conversation alive – maybe try:  Did you enjoy x?  What was the most useful tip?

2 – A picture paints a thousand words:

Its been proven time and time again, posts with good quality images out perform posts without images.

We like using  ‘Canva’ for our social media images. It is a free tool that automatically optimise the size and resolution of your image for your chosen platform.  If you don’t have an original image to use there are plenty of templates and free stock images. Images can be particularly helpful if you are trying to illustrate a technical point. Better still a quick video response, how much more can be effectively communicated in a 10 second video, plus its personal and super quick to deliver and watch. Gary Vaynerchuck explained why video replies are great for engagement:

“It takes me nine to twelve seconds to make a video and reply, but those extra seconds hold a lot of meaning. Not to mention it’s more personal, visual, and we are living in a world where the visual is often regarded as a better engagement than the written.”

It’s easy to Like a comment or reply with “Thank you!”. Recording a video reply — even a short one — takes a little more effort, which shows your followers how much you care about them.

3 – Gif and Emojis

With the gif button on Twitter and Facebook its quick and easy to find gifs that perfectly illustrate your sentiment in a fun light-hearted way. Besides searching for GIFs on Twitter and Facebook, I have a folder of my favorite GIFs for various types of replies.

Some of my favs include

  • Aww, thank you:
  • You’re welcome:
  • Awesome:
  • Excited:

4 – Craft your replies to common comments in advance

Preparing the answers to common comments and questions can help you reply faster as you don’t have to think on your feet.

I would recommend coming up with a few variations so that you aren’t always replying with the same phrases. For example, instead of saying “Thanks for reading our blog post!”, you could also say the following:

  • Yay! Thanks for reading this! (GIF)
  • You rock for reading our blog post! 
  • Thank you for checking it out! Will you be trying any of the tips mentioned?
  • Thanks! Have you tried any of the tactics before? It’ll be great to hear how it went for you!

5 – Schedule time to engage

Try not to post and run.  One of the reasons scheduled content can feel ‘wooden’ and cold is that.. ‘Its all about my business’ type content and no empathy or connection with the people that engage with the content.  Make sure that you’re going onto other peoples accounts (read your pinky perfect client) and engage with their content!

Have Fun and Be Social !