1-2-1 Training

karen slade socially talking

Plan the next 12+ months of your social media

A lot of people book into our  1- 2-1 custom social media marketing sessions and literally think it’s just those x3 hours, chatting, mapping everything out together within those x3 hours.

No, sir.


So what's it all about then?

It’s 4+ hours of work beforehand, which begins with us sending you a form to fill out everything you’d like to achieve in our session / your current challenges / your hopes and dreams for your social media future, and then we get to work behind the scenes so that you can get the most out of your session.

And then?  Your custom session day rolls around, and it’s you / us / our offices / coffee [or tea if you prefer], and a session where we dive deep, deep, deep [like seriously, roll up your sleeves!] into your social media marketing strategy deep, and by the time we’re done? You’re in disbelief that you’re about to walk away with all the tools youll need to see you through the next 12+ months.